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April 10, 2020

How to stop yourself boredom snacking

Rianne Britten


When spending more time at home, it becomes much easier for us to sneak into our cupboards, on the hunt for yummy treats. Who could blame us after all? There isn’t much else to be doing right now when the whole country is in lockdown. However, with people exercising less and eating more, this is something we should be aware of trying to reduce. If this is your daily struggle, Flavr are here to help!

I’m sure we’re all familiar with a conversation along the lines of –

“Mum I’m hungry”

“You’re probably just thirsty, have a big glass of water”

Unfortunately even though Mum was probably right, we all know this kind of advice wasn’t very helpful or motivating so I’m going to suggest some more effective tips and tricks to stop you snacking!

Firstly, it’s so important to keep a steady routine. At a time like this, some of us have fewer obligations for the first time in our lives. It’s weird and it’s okay to feel a bit all over the place but sleeping until 12 pm every day definitely won’t help. If you have nothing to get up for, or your bedroom has become your temporary isolation office, it can be easy to stay in bed and skip breakfast. The first snack-avoiding tip is, don’t!

Health professionals commonly say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it kickstart your metabolism and help you burn calories, but it can elevate concentration levels doing wonders for your attention span. If you’re full up and your mind is kept more occupied, then you might stop reaching for the snacks purely as something to do.

Plan to eat your three meals at a similar time each day because it coaches your body to feel hungry at ‘mealtimes’ and helps to avoid mid-day snacking.

Here’s an example meal plan that I’m loving right now.

Breakfast: Oats, yoghurt and fresh berries
Lunch: Vegetable soup with a crusty roll
Dinner: Prawn and chorizo paella

The most important thing is that you’re eating healthy food you enjoy and once you solve that puzzle, having a regular meal routine will be easy!

Satiety ‘Fillingness’
The foods you’re choosing to eat can have a huge impact on your snacking habits. Satiety is the term used to describe how filling foods are. The more filling your meals, the less likely you’ll be to reach for snacks in between them. In a 1995 study which tested 38 different ingredients for their ability to satisfy hunger. It was found that foods high in protein, fibre and with low energy density were the best at filling people’s bellies.

Thus concluding that foods like potatoes, eggs, oats, brown pasta and fish were the most filling. All of these are super easy to include in your diet. Try fishcakes (or any other fish), new potatoes and green veg with a gorgeous parsley sauce for dinner. When I made this, I was surprised at how quick, easy and yummy it was.

A great suggestion for lunch is a tuna Niçoise salad (I only learnt what this was recently). Chuck together some lettuce, tinned tuna, green beans or any green veg, some boiled potatoes, a boiled egg and remarkably you’ll have a delicious and healthy salad that’ll keep your stomach satisfied! The ingredients I have mentioned are just suggestions and there are loads more, so have a little search to find which of your favourite foods are the most filling.

My last tip may sound silly, but I have tried it myself and I know that it works. Keep your snacks out of sight! By all means, still buy them because all of us deserve the occasional treat, but the age-old saying stands, out of sight out of mind.

If you’ve got a tantalising jar of biscuits sat in sight, and very much in mind, then you’re setting yourself up for a difficult battle. No one can resist that! If you keep them in a different room, ideally tucked away in a cupboard, then I guarantee you’ll find yourself reaching for them less. At home, we’ve gone a step further and put a treat-filled tupper wear on top of the tallest cupboard. It’s out of sight but also out of reach so we need to really want that biscuit to get up there and get it.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, if you combine all of these tips then you’ll be fuller for longer and won’t find yourself snacking nearly as much! This will make your diet healthier and have a positive impact on your lifestyle. Although don’t beat yourself up if you’re still reaching for a snack now and then, we’re all human. Instead of feeling guilty, try substituting for something healthier but still tasty, like a piece of fresh fruit. This also satisfies that sweet spot and won’t be nearly as unhealthy as that bar of chocolate you’ve got hidden under your bed!

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